His father allowed her daughter to drown, not allowed to see her rescuers

The situation is hard to imagine: a father allowed her daughter to drown! The site explains the details ...

The incident took place on the beach near the famous hotel Burj Al Arab. A man came to the beach with his wife and children. 20-year-old daughter just after the start of swimming began to sink. However, rescuers did not have time to help, because in their way was the father of her daughter.

"This incident I will remember forever. I and everyone who was there, it's just shocking. Father brought his wife and children to the beach for a picnic and fun. Children swimming near the shore when suddenly the 20-year-old girl began to sink and called for help. Two rescuers were on the beach and rushed to help, but they encountered one obstacle, which did not allow them to get to the girl and help her, "- said a lieutenant colonel of the Department of Dubai Police to find and rescue Ahmed Burkiba.

"The obstacle was the belief Asians who believed that if rescuers to touch his daughter, it would be anticipated. This belief cost him the life of his daughter. Father - a tall and strong man. He began to delay the rescuers and even began to use force. He said that he would prefer that his daughter died, than to see her touching strangers ยป.

The girl's father was soon arrested by the police in Dubai for opposing team of rescuers.

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