7 facts about how singing develops your brain and improves health

The site claims that people who sing much, much longer than the others live! Singing alone to the music with headphones and without singing in the choir, in the company of friends, professional occupations vocal aria while taking a shower - all equally useful. We offer a selection of good reasons to sing as often as possible!

1. Increased endorfinovPenie acts on the brain in much the same as an orgasm or a chocolate bar. When one sings in the brain WHO * Oujda area responsible for pleasure. Secrete hormones of happiness - endorphins, and because they are so important to overall health.

2. More energiiKogda person sings, he becomes more energetic. Lethargy is lost per second!

3. Free training legkihPenie light trains, promotes blood oxygen saturation. In addition, the muscles involved in singing - the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm, the intercostal myshtsy- significantly strengthened. The singer has a strong news!

4. Removal stressaPenie reduces stress. People singing in the choir or in the amateur ensemble, feel more secure, socially prosperous, successful. To defeat depression is singing!

5. Purification using respiratory puteyS singing is a natural cleansing of the airways. Diseases of the nose and throat for singers are not terrible: the likelihood of sinusitis laid up is reduced if you love to sing.

6. Natural neyrostimulyatorDlya central nervous system and brain singing is of great value. As with any creative activity, singing promotes more intensive work of the brain, strengthening the neural connections, as well as intensive "on" human thought process.

7. Benefits razvitiyaDeti children involved singing, different from their peers positive emotionality, self-sufficiency and a high level of satisfaction. So let your kids sing heartily and loudly!

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