The most acute in the world of peppers used in the military industry and added to paint for ships

Pepper "Trinidad Scorpion" - a plant, a type of chili peppers. In March 2011, it recorded in the Guinness Book as the most hot peppers in the world. By Scoville its pungency of 1463700 units. It grows on the island of Trinidad, located in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela.

Fruits of "Scorpio" similar to the fruits of Bhut Jolokia (Eng. Bhut Jolokia chili pepper) and Naga Morich (Eng. Naga Morich), but they are more "plump" and have a small tail, whereby pepper gets its name - "Scorpion". < br />
For the cultivation and processing of the peppers is necessary to wear masks and protective clothing, similar to the chemical protection suit. In their homeland of Trinidad Scorpion used in military industry for the production of tear gas. Also, it is added to the paint that covered the bottom of the ships for the protection of shellfish.




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