The actress, who starred first in history in film, invented the system, which is based on the GSM standard

Hedy Lamarr was born in the Austrian capital with the name Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, I went to theater school and soon started acting in movies. She made her debut in the German film "The Girl in the night club" (1930).

Wave World fame brought her Czechoslovakian film "Ecstasy" (Eve 1933). The first ever full-length feature movie ten-minute scene nude bathing in a forest lake is quite innocent by today's standards, but in 1933 it caused a storm of emotions. The film was banned in several countries and released in rent in a few years with the censorship bills.

Hedy later moved to Hollywood, where he signed a lucrative contract with the very founder of the studio «MGM» Mayer. A new round of dizzying career unfolds. A total of Hedy Lamarr earned $ 30 million filming.

In addition to movies, Hedy Lamarr was engaged in science. In 1942 she patented a system to manage at a distance of torpedoes. The value of technology "frequency hopping" was evaluated only over the years. Birthday actress November 9 - Day of the inventor named in the US. Without the invention Lamarr is not flown to the military satellites and would not work cell phones standard GSM.




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