The skull, which was believed to have belonged to Adolf Hitler, in fact, was the skull of 40-year-old woman

In 1945, when Berlin was ready to give up under the pressure of Russian troops, Adolf Hitler decided to commit suicide, his new wife Eva Braun, and along with his dog Blondi. Even her puppies were told to shoot. What are you waiting for? It was Hitler.

Then came the Russian and found the bodies in the bunker. It happened about seven hours after Hitler's death. The bodies were buried. However, after some time, Stalin decided that Hitler too lightly, ordered to exhume and remove part of the skull and jaw of the Fuhrer. Apparently, the photographic evidence is not presented sufficiently convincing Joseph Vissarionovich.

Later, in 1970 a new burial place came under the control of East Germany. Fearing that it may become an object of worship, the Soviets sent a group of KGB officers, who once again dug up the remains of Hitler, they cremated and the ashes scattered over the Elbe.

This case was closed ... until 2009, when he was made the DNA analysis of the "Hitler skull fragment" which, as it turned out, belonged to a woman no older than forty.

That is, they have taken or not the skull, or Hitler hiding a big secret.

The case was reopened. We build the most daring assumption. The jaw of the same set of still suspicious jealously guarded Russian pretext of "extreme fragility". Despite the diplomatic efforts, they are not in any want to give it to research, and the mystery and remains undisclosed. So, do not rule out the possibility that the 120-year-old Fuhrer is still enjoying life in his own mansion somewhere in Argentina.




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