There are genetically modified people

In the medical journal «Human Reproduction» Not so long ago was published a sensational article "The mitochondria in human baby produced by transplanting the cytoplasm." The media let this article in intensive rotation ... one day, and then all is well on this "forgotten". However, the fact remains. Currently in the world there are children who are "designed" genetically. It sounds like science fiction, but it's true.

The first known case of germline gene therapy, in which genes of the parents are manipulated so that it is reflected in their children, occurred in the department of reproductive therapy in New Jersey in March 2001, when 30 healthy children were born with DNA from three people - his father, mother and another woman. Fifteen of them were patients of the clinic, the other fifteen - from other medical institutions.

Scientists have found that one of the causes of female infertility in the fact that the egg may contain 'old' mitochondria (remember that the mitochondria - the cell is part of supplying it with energy). These "lazy" the egg is not able to gain a foothold in the uterus after fertilization. To activate them, scientists introduced into the cell mitochondria young women. Mitochondria cell contains DNA of a stranger, and born children have genetic material from three sources. DNA of another woman in such a way can be reflected in the progeny of the female line.

The big problem is that there is no information how this operation affects on children and their descendants. In fact, similar manipulations have not been studied adequately in animals, let alone humans. Doctors say that children are healthy, but they "forget" about one important point. As a result of the operation were not born 15 and 17 children. One pregnancy ended in abortion, and the second - a miscarriage. Why is that? Two embryo had a rare genetic syndrome of Turner, which affects only women. Under normal circumstances, he meets one woman born 2500, and is missing or damaged, one of the X-chromosome. Feel the difference - one of the 2,500 or 2 out of 17!

Moreover, assuming that 9 out of 17 embryos were women (about 50 percent), whereas two of the 9 infants ill this rare disease. In internal medical records it is called a genetic operation is its main cause. Even without considering Turner's syndrome, many experts were shocked by the fact that such an operation. The response paper in the same journal says: "Neither the safety nor the effectiveness of this method were not clinically justified." Ditch Ruth (Ruth Deech), chairman of the British Committee Embryology, said in an interview with BBC: «There is a big risk. Not only for the children but also for future generations »

The number of babies born with the use of such a method is not known. The article claims that their "thirty" in 2001. To date, at least 2 of these children reached the age of 1 year. Dr. Joseph Kumin (Joseph Cummin), emeritus professor of biology at the University of Western Ontario, spoke that no more information about these 30 children in the mass media did not appear as such on additional cases of genetic intervention. The doctor says that in Norway in 2003, these operations were carried out with the purpose of "correction cell disease." He concluded that "It seems like genetically modified babies are born, and now, in an atmosphere of secrecy and information vacuum».




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