Science is not known how stupid is passed

Alexei Alekseenko, editor of the scientific section of the "Snob" that genes are not to blame.

blockquote> Some people say you can not blame the fool, you have to enter in his position. Because, firstly, they are usually very unimportant genetics. Secondly, life is so complicated: school team, then the army, then they are more the school and the army all his life remember for a beer to be strengthened in their views - in short, there is influence of the environment, through him they are hatched.

This topic is dedicated to fun study, whose results were published recently in the journal Science. Called "The manifestation of personality in genetically identical mice┬╗.

The essence of the work is this. The researchers took a line of genetically identical mice, all mice in it differed in their genes no more than identical twins. Forty of these mice were placed in a common "rich environment" - so-called big three-meter cell with all sorts of stairs, floors, swings, tunnels and other features that do not give mice bored.

Thus each mouse was monitored by radio sensor implanted in it. A computer impassively collected information: the behavior of a mouse is more diverse? Who is more climbing and poking his nose where it is not necessary? Who tries never to go to the trough of the drinkers in the same way?

With great surprise, scientists have noticed that among genetically identical mice living together in the same cage, gradually began to accumulate differences on the basis of this, as they called her the researchers' search entropy ┬╗(roaming entropy). That is, some mice became more and more curious and enterprising. And others lived himself and lived, stable and comfortably.

But the most amusing, in a study of the brain of these animals. Before the experiment they introduced the substance to introduce into neurons in their division. That is all the nerve cells in the mice appeared after the formation of the bulk of the brain appeared marked. And I must say that, contrary to the well-known maxim "the nerve cells do not regenerate" in some small and clearly delineated areas of the brain neuronal growth continues to old age.

It was found that in mice with high "search entropy", that is curious and deviating from the beaten path, the brain cells most intensively shared
This result, in general, allows our bewilderment about the fools. That's right, they enrage me, are to blame. Do not write off everything in the environment and heredity. There is something more.

What exactly? Here researchers awkwardly silent. Maybe not that these mice were identical - there were some undetected mutations that determine the difference? Birth injuries? Coincidence? Or really have freedom of will and firm decision 'not to live life dull mouse "is really able to influence your destiny?

I must admit that with the scientific and methodological point of view, the work raises many questions. Firstly, a good idea to repeat the same with the cloned mice: they are all much more alike than inbred population. Secondly, where "control"? As will be the case in genetically heterogeneous populations, how to increase the spread? And how the rest of the life of these mice to normal, not "rich" environment - a small, dull and dreary cell without any possibility of creation - on a cell lives of many of our contemporaries is much more similar? But apparently, reviewers and editors of Science have decided to close our eyes to the imperfections of the study - maybe because the question tormented me all my life, they are also somehow disturbed.

Because it is really important question
Most likely, you get a mixture of joy and sadness, as often happens when people think about the fact that the life they have only one. Well, except when it is absolutely nothing to rejoice. So, in these unfortunate cases, the genes are not to blame, as it turns out.



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