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Genetically modified food - one of the greatest achievements of our time. Proponents of genetically modified foods point to the wonderful ability to create new tastes, as well as solving problems of world hunger and opponents - fear unexplored effects on human health. There is no doubt is that some of the scientists have created a genetically modified foods look very intriguing! The word "gizyum» («graisin») came from a combination of "a giant raisin» («giant raisin»). Strictly speaking, it is the raisins made from a special grape, whose genetic code is altered so that the berries have become truly enormous. This experiment produced in the laboratories of the Japanese National Institute of Genetics. Taste of raisins thus has not changed, and you can eat just one berry.



Genetics crossed grapes with apple and got such a strange hybrid, whose name can be roughly translated into Russian as "vinogryabloko» (grapple). Or "yablograd" if you want. The size and shape of fruit reminiscent of apple pulp and kozhiey - grapes and taste is an interesting combination of both. The source of a large amount of vitamin C is freely available in shops.


Plums and apricots - lovely fruit with a recognizable taste. Their hybrid known under the code name "slibrikos» («pluot»). Obtained by crossing the genes of their "ancestors" fruit contains no cholesterol and sodium, has a pronounced flavor and is rich in vitamin C.


Citrus lovers no longer need painful to choose whether to eat them or refreshing sweet tangerine and bitter grapefruit. The strengths of both fruit geneticists embodied in hybrid: the sea of ​​fiber, vitamin C, freshness, juiciness and sweetness with a slight hint of bitterness.

Colorful carrots


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