Trees remember their roots.

When it comes to how to react to the trees on the environment, the trees could not be distinguished from humans. Recent studies have shown that even genetically identical people (twins) may have different chances of disease. This is because each twin has its own personal experiences, their lifestyle.
It turns out that the same is probably true for trees.
"The results were really quite stunning," says Malcolm Campbell, a biologist.
Research carried out in the theory, the question was considered that trees and other plants, even if they are genetically identical, up differently and react to stress differently depending on the conditions in which they were grown. Campbell said that the results of the study not only gave confirmation of this effect, but also revealed some interesting facts at the molecular level. "Our results show that there is a form of memory at the molecular level, the trees".
In the new study, Campbell used genetically identical poplar, which were grown in two different regions of Canada. They stem cuttings were then used to grow trees in the same climate controlled conditions in Toronto. Some trees are exposed to drought and other trees well watered.
Since poplars were brought up hath the same conditions, Campbell and his research team assumed that all samples will respond to the drought the same regardless of where they were grown. It is noteworthy that genetically identical specimens of two species of poplar, responded differently to drought, depending on their place of origin.
Research group Campbell also showed that this difference occurred at the most fundamental level. Although the samples were genetically identical trees that were brought up hath in different regіonah, respond to climate change in different ways.
The results of this study will help foresters and gardeners in pristolnomu attention to the importance of the place of cultivation of trees and other plants to these dannyam can be defined as a plant to grow, and to combat climate


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