"Water Ishino" - a Russian Coca-Cola the first half of the 20th century

Lemonade "Water Ishino" were so popular that they could compete with the Coca-Cola if imports of lemonade has been well established. However, even to produce and propagate only in the USSR, "Waters Ishino" failed to win worldwide fame.

A native of Georgia, Mitrofan Ishino has created its own unique recipe of fruit waters on the basis of natural products in 1887. In 1906 Lagidze opened production of soft drinks in Tbilisi. Factory production quickly gained popularity and was awarded top prizes at exhibitions and Trade Fair in 1913-1914. Mitrofan Ishino was appointed supplier of Russian imperial court, and then - the Shah of Iran.

In Soviet times, water Lagidze enjoyed great popularity, including among the elite. Thus, there is evidence that during the Yalta conference table were water Ishino, and Franklin Roosevelt took 2,000 bottles with him. Stalin preferred lemonade, that is, in the narrow sense, a refreshing lemon drink. The plant "Water Ishino" in Soviet times functioned separate workshop on the preparation of soft drinks for the country's top leadership: drinks were delivered to Moscow on Monday. Preserved information about the preferences: Khrushchev chose the pear and orange drinks, Leonid Brezhnev - pear and tarhunovy, MI Kalinin - orange, Mikoyan - pear and lemon. In 1952, the party of various beverages (pear, cornel, lemon, cream soda, and such exotic as the cream and chocolate) was sent to the address of Harry Truman, in response to the gift of Truman in the form of thousands of bottles of Coca-Cola.

July 26, 2004 the trademark «MITROFAN LAGIDZE 1887" is registered at the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization for the Joint-Stock Company "Ishino". The only legal manufacturer of water Ishino in Russia is Tikhvin lemonade factory.

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