Scientists have offered £ 1,000 for the answer to the question "Why hot water freezes faster than cold water?"

This is a great chance for everyone who suffers from the syndrome of an answer! Scientists of the British Royal Society pledged to give £ 1,000 to anyone who can finally find the only-true scientific and reasoned decision Mpemba paradox: "Why, after all, hot water freezes faster than cold?».

The paradox of its name in 1968, when the Tanzanian student Erasto Mpemba asked his teacher, Professor Dennis Osborne, the question: "If you take two identical container with an equal amount of water, in one of which the water temperature is equal to 35 degrees Celsius, and other - 100, the water will freeze in the second. Why? ". Osborne could not answer this question, and published an article about it, calling it "Mpemba effect." It should be noted that earlier this phenomenon is also mentioned by Aristotle, Francis Bacon and René Descartes, but none of them could find a resolution of the paradox. Ironically, scientists can not do this and still.



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