In stores slow music sounds, so you go longer, and restaurants "fast food" - vigorous, so you quickly free up the table

Music - a simple and effective way of manipulating human behavior. For example, a shopping guide avoids bet hits, as proven that current popular music attracts too much attention and thus detracts from the shopping. Much more supermarkets and shopping centers like the slow quiet music: it can not help you slow down the pace of its own, leisurely stroll through departments and more inclined to shopping.

A fast-food restaurants on the contrary you put a vigorous invigorating music. This is to ensure that you are not too comfortable to sit there with a cup of coffee and a laptop for an hour. In fact, you are trying to drive a fast tempo music - rather than exempt tables, the greater the "turnover" in the restaurant, and more money will be earned by the end of the day.



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