Astronomers have discovered the heaviest black hole: 20 billion times the mass of the Sun.

A new record for black holes heavyweights. Previously, the heaviest object of this kind was considered a black hole in the galaxy NGC 4889, whose weight is 9, 8 billion solar masses. But the new record holder simply amazed scientists. This black hole containing more than 14% of the mass of the galaxy, while the supermassive black holes usually contain not more than 0, 1% of the mass of the galaxy.

"It's really very strange galaxy. It is almost entirely composed of a black hole. Perhaps we have discovered the first object from the class of galaxies, black holes, "- said one of the study's authors, Karl Gebhardt of the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

At the moment, astrophysicists have studied 700 galaxies in the vicinity of the Milky Way. Now they will have to consider in detail about 100 galaxies in the constellation Perseus. Scientists do not exclude that after the new studies champion among heavyweight black holes replaced.



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