4 Fun Facts about how celebrities use their autographs

We offer you a selection of fun facts about celebrities who managed to squeeze the most out of their autographs.

1. El Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a super-popular and successful artist that did not prevent him dearly love money. Rumor has it that he used his personal checks for outline drawings, to keep people from cashing of checks.

Later, when Dali was old and no longer able to create works of art, he sat down and wrote his name literally thousands of pages of lithography. Later, he began to sell them for $ 40 apiece, alone unwittingly funding a vast industry of fakes his own paintings, and some of these sheets are still used by pirates in the sale of DVD c pictures "real" artist's paintings. Of course Dali knew how to use the descendants of his signature, but its few thousand dollars he got.

2. Pablo Pikasso

Picasso, being probably the most famous artist in history, was trading above autographs, so drawing a taxi to pay for meals in restaurants.

When the owner of a small cafe where Picasso often dined, asked the artist to portray something on a napkin, he replied that "just wanted to pay on the account, instead of buying a restaurant." Well, if your name is - is something of value, you'll want to get him a few more than a few sandwiches. Once Bistro Picasso painted a fee on the tablecloth and slowly destroyed it before you leave, apparently because he loved to annoy restaurateurs.

3. Jo Dee Madzhio

Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio could make more money by simply leaving autographs on things than playing baseball professionally, because he was very astute when it comes to memorable autographs. He gladly signed ball or a piece of paper to those who asked him about it, but flatly refused to leave the signature on bits except in special cases.

Thus, signed by Joe DiMaggio bits were a rarity, allowing him to make such a signature on one of several hundred dollars. There is information that a baseball player paid a bit with Paul Simon for a tattoo.

4. Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong forever be remembered as the first man to set foot on the moon. However, in the 1960s, he was a simple astronaut, and not earning so much money. He did not have insurance on his own life in order to support his family if he dies at the start of the rocket, which was supposed to fly.

During the month of isolation before flight Armstrong and his team have left hundreds of signatures on the objects around them, one way or another connected with the cosmos, and then sent these things mother by mail to notify them supposedly about the exact date of his flight - July 16, 1969. If they were killed at the start of their families could sell these things - death, it would have been very exciting, and nothing opens the wallets of others as effectively as a tragedy.

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