People are really able to understand the emotions of dogs

People can determine the exact range of emotions in dogs of small changes in facial expressions when pets are happy, sad, angry, scared and surprised, or even blame.

In the new study, volunteers were shown several different pictures of the same dog, and people often read correctly reflected on the face of emotion. Thus, while people increasingly tend to consider themselves separated from nature, there are moments that connect us with her, and one of them - an emotional contact with animals which has developed over hundreds of years have passed since man began to domesticate them. < br />
To get involved in the study belgian shepherd dog Mel show emotions, the master praised it - and then on the face read by joy, then scolded - and muzzle acquired sorrowful expression because of lowered eyes. To annoy the dog on its owner attacked one of the researchers, and then Mel frowned and bared fangs, and so on. D.

The simplest emotion appeared happy - it correctly identified 80% of respondents. 70% of the volunteers were able to identify anger, 47% - fear, and 37% correctly identified the relatively complicated grief. The most difficult for human identification dog appeared surprise and disgust.

What is surprising is that the definition of negative emotions are best handled those people who have never had a dog. Researchers believe that the reason for this is that owners often convince themselves that their pets are not aggressive and is associated with the expression of a desire to play.



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