Japanese children used robots to help patients suffering from dementia

Dementia - Dementia is acquired, combined with a reduction in human cognitive activity, popularly known as senility. This disease has always existed, but at least some significant progress in her treatment and has not been achieved because scientists still are not sure for what reason dementia occurs and how to prevent it. In this regard, it developed more and more new treatments.

One method of treatment developed by leading Japanese industrial automation company "AIST": they created a "Paro" - a robotic pet. "STEAM" was developed as an alliance of science and nature, and treatment of patients with it was quite successful.

This method reduces patient stress and helps them to interact with the outside world. The robot responds to the experiences of patients is currently living thing: for example, if it is stroked, the robot will analyze what actions that preceded it, and will repeat them. If the patient has hit the robot on the basis of the analysis it will stop repeating the his actions that preceded the strike. "STEAM" even hit the "Guinness Book of Records" as "the best in the world of robot therapist┬╗.

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