The researchers found "lost world" - the cave is so huge that within it there are clouds and mists

Look at this amazing miracle prirody

Adventurers accidentally stumbled upon the cave is so vast that inside it has its own weather system - thin clouds and eternal mists. A team of professional cave explorers and photographers explored cave system in the Chinese province of Chongqing and took the first pictures of this miracle of nature.

The hidden cave system called Air Van Dong. Photographer and speleologist Robbie Shawn from Manchester was a member of the team of 15 researchers who discovered the cave and in the month expedition. He said that some of the caves formerly used by miners, at least in the near of the entrance areas, but have never been studied.

In the upper part of the cave is constantly hanging layer of clouds and fog. Clouds come in through a small hole in the roof and hanging 250 meters above the ground, because they can not leave the cave the same way. In addition, the moisture inside the cave is a source of fumes - water droplets rise up in vapor form and contribute to the creation of clouds.

The total area of ​​the caves, including the Hall of cloud stairs - about 51 000 m², some large caves which rivers flow, and there is vegetation. Most of the caves easily available, some can be reached only swim a considerable distance under water, and to enter into other need rope, as the entrance is a narrow slope with steep walls.



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