There is a sport like motoball - football on motorcycles

Russia in this sport lidiruet

What do you get if you combine football and motorcycles? Will motoball - popular in Europe, motorized sports. Of course, this sport is not safe - the athletes on motorcycles in pursuit of the ball has to be incredible agility and perform breathtaking stunts.

In many European countries there are even national teams on motorcycle. Interestingly, many of the best motobolisty world comes from Russia.

Match motoball carried out on the football field. The game involves two teams of five players each, four rider and goalkeeper - the only one who does not sit on the motorcycle. The goal of the players on a motorcycle - a large ball 40 cm in diameter and weighing about one kilogram. When a player arrives at the ball, he slows down with one foot while the other is kicking the ball.

For two judges watch the match. The match is divided into four halves of 20 minutes. Goalkeepers are in the red in front of goal, which is to enter the rest of the players is prohibited. But at their disposal all the rest of the field on which they travel at high speed, sometimes about 100 km / h. There are a few safety rules: for example, players do not have the right to ram each other or kicking, but the injury is not always save.

Motorcycles, which go players, specially designed for motoball and tailored to the rider's body. Who are motorcycles manufactured in Spain - motobolnye clubs in France, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Netherlands to buy equipment from the same company.

Motoball - a favorite sport in a few small cities in Russia. But first unofficial match motoball held in the French city of Dijon. The game quickly gained popularity, and after ten years it has come to play in England, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. And the first official match was held in 1963 in the USSR.

Nowadays there are several annual motoball championships: European Nations Cup, French Cup, European Cup and others. Almost every year Russia wins and second place often gets France.



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