As a total lunar eclipse on the Moon would have looked

View from space sobytiy

Over the past few weeks on Earth can be observed rather strange "behavior" of the moon, particularly the bloody moon - so manifest a total lunar eclipse. These eclipses occur when the Earth's orbit passes directly between the Sun and the Moon. When the Earth passes between them, a shadow falls on the Moon, and the Moon for an observer on Earth is painted in blood red.

For us it is - an amazing sight. But as the lunar eclipse would appear on the surface of the moon?

Total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth closes the disc of the sun. A reason that the moon appears red, that sunlight while still passes through the atmosphere. And the moon because it appears red as the sunset.

On the Moon, you would see a red ring around the Earth and lunar soil under your feet, too, would have blushed. The land in this would seem to you quite black as space, except for the tiny specks of city lights.



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