In South Korea, people sit in jail, to get a little to relieve stress

Extreme terapiya

The prison cell - not the right place to relieve stress, but many South Koreans do not think so. The specialized institution called «Prison Inside Me» («Prison inside me"), where all comers for a modest fee offer briefly feel like a prisoner, is on the outskirts of the city hongcheon county, which is 58 km north-east of Seoul.

An unusual prison leads 47-year-old Kwon Yong-seok previously practiced law. According to Kwon, the idea of ​​such an extravagant stress relief came to him when advocacy began to occupy almost all the free time: "I do not know, I take a break from work, felt that doing this against my will and I can not control my life." Korean appealed to the friend who works in one of the prison officers to help him get there for a week in jail - so Kwon hoped to escape from the routine and restore vitality. The lawyer tried to convince his friend that he needed the camera solely for therapeutic purposes, but the request was rejected, so Kwon decided to take everything into their own hands.

An enterprising lawyer drafted a prison, in which each may optionally spend a few days to escape from the everyday work and relax. The complex of buildings has managed nearly 2 billion won (about $ 19 million), and although a large portion of this amount Kwon took a loan, he Korean claims that the profit is not important for him.

The cost of a two-day anti-stress course is 150 thousand won (about $ 146), and almost everything here, in this prison: the guests confiscate personal belongings, including books and cell phones, to dress in the same shape and lodge in solitary confinement. Each cell has everything you need to practice spiritual practices and reflections on life - a small table, toilet and sink. Also, voluntary "prisoners" are encouraged to attend meditation classes, classes in religious classes and group training.

Kwon Yong-seok said that his institution is too warm and clean for this prison, and two days for a full stress relief is not enough, but experience shows that workaholics are not ready to stay for a longer period. However, past therapeutic course point out that the voluntary conclusion, has helped them to understand themselves and get rid of the constant stress and according to Kwon, it is quite natural: "Often people look only forward, but I think that sometimes we need to look back and reflect on already passed by ».



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