New popular sport - tekbol, a strange mixture of football and table tennis

It is difficult to predstavit

What do you get if you mix table tennis and football, a pinch of seasoning technologies? It will tekbol - a new sport, addictive, which every day becomes more and more popular. This sport involves bouncing the ball between players and unusual table designed specifically for everything to be honest.

To play you need tekbord tekbol (special table) and a ball. According to the official website, tekbord - a sports equipment, much like a ping-pong table, which has been developed taking into account the laws of mathematics and physics. Therefore, the ball will bounce from any point on the table that will allow easy access to it and to keep under control.

"Network" in the center of the table is made of polycarbonate and Plexiglas, which guarantees a fair ball bounce. The unique design tekborda the only game that matters - it's talent, luck is no place. For the game uses a regular soccer ball.

The rules are pretty simple: each player gets three hits in the game, you can not touch the ball with the same body part twice in a row, and you can not touch the enemy and equipment.

You can play one-on-one or two by two, in the second case the ball in every game has to be handed over to team-mate. A player may use any part of the body, but the supply should not exceed the supply line. The ball must not fall into the corner tekborda, as well as the players can not go to the enemy.

Tekbol - the brainchild of two Hungarian friends and Victor Gabor Borsanii Huszara. Gabor - a former professional football player, and Victor - a programmer who likes football. For sports nuances posted Gabor, while Victor was engaged in scientific side of the project.

Gabor and Victor have high expectations for their project - they hope that someday tekbol become an Olympic sport. Now you can pre-order by investing in their dripping on Kickstarter $ 300 or more.



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