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most recognizable symbol of Christianity - Jesus crucified on the cross. This image was present in a variety of works of art for centuries, but graduates of the Royal Academy of Arts Thomas Banks and Benjamin West has never been enthusiastic about the artistic representation of the crucified body. In 1801, the year they had a discussion as to how it will look after the crucifixion of the human body, and they agreed that the majority of artists passed one of the most important aspects of Christianity is absolutely wrong. And since nothing should stand in the way of art, they decided to find out how the crucifix should actually look like.

The bodies of executed criminals were often used as a textbook for medical students. Beginning around 1700, the year the study of corpses was the best way to find out what happens inside the body and the look of the consequences of the disease. And then all this could be shown to young doctors. However, not only medical students interested in the structure of the human body. Sometimes the bodies are used, and to teach students to artists to create realistic images of people.

Therefore, artists and West Banks contacted the surgeon named Joseph Konstantin Karpov, and asked him to help find the body. The surgeon took out his body of James Legge. 80-year-old Legg once quarreled with another man, and eventually caused him to a duel. When the man refused, Legg just killed him by shooting him in the chest with a pistol. During the trial it was established that Legg was sane, fully aware of his actions, so he was sentenced to death by hanging. Carpio and his colleagues, it was important to get the body before rigor mortis begins. Once Legg was hanged, it was taken, crucified next door and left there for several days. It was found that between the images of the crucified Christ and the real crucifixion there are significant differences. First, the skin on armpits crucified eventually begins to droop grotesquely. Secondly, the stomach contents gradually begins to bulge forward and down, creating a hump in the form Shocking lower chest. Since the body was made an impression, and then removed from the body of carp skin to muscle structure it was visible, and made another cast. Subsequently, these casts were put on public display in the studio of Thomas Banks and attracted great public interest.




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