This is the best time to take hard decisions

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Taking tough decisions is not always very pleasant. It seems an appropriate time to do so does not happen. But some hours yet suited to this more than others.

Perhaps many people believe that the best time to make decisions - early morning or even just the morning, when people still relatively brisk. But the same is true for an afternoon time, when people take off the voltage and power make up a hearty meal.

The study, conducted by Shai Danziger considered decision-making process by the judges. The judges traced a certain sequence: a prisoner is more likely to receive parole, if his case was considered the first or in the morning or right after lunch.

According to a study Danziger, the judge in the course of the day awarded asylum fewer and fewer parole. But after dinner, they were glad to award him even more prisoners. Once they recover energy during meals, rested again the judges were ready to make difficult decisions.

There are many other strategies that will help you to make difficult choices, including to try to take a really light solutions (what to wear, where to catch the bus, and so on) the night before. But if in the morning to distract the little things, then relax and eat at least a sandwich, and then evaluate the pros and cons for making a hard decision.

Just do not eat too hearty lunch - so you will achieve the opposite effect and feel sluggish.



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