25 small tips for big changes

Even the longest journey begins with a single shaga

Surely every one of you wants something to change your life for the better. Unfortunately, to implement it firmly and irrevocably succeed not for everyone, but there is a solution. Start with small changes in their routine of bad habits, and gradually realize that to move in the right direction is not too difficult and scary - just need to do the small steps on a regular basis.

Professor BJ Fogg, founder and head of the Laboratory of motivational techniques at Stanford University dedicated to the development of a number of studies in humans useful skills that help them change their lifestyle dramatically. Take advantage of his method, start small, and after a while you'll notice that in your life there were major changes.

How to strengthen the physical health

1. Often we are so busy during the day , do not think about the body's supply of water in sufficient quantity, while finding only a break for tea or coffee. Make it a rule to start each morning with a glass of water, which helps to maintain the water balance in the norm and helps to eliminate toxins.

2. How can I move more , do not limit your daily route diagram "home-work-car-car-house". Regular walking outdoors can bring you more benefits than a grueling workout in the gym after long hours spent in front of computer.

3. With each meal eat raw vegetables or fruits
4. Long uninterrupted rest to monitor a detrimental effect on your mental, physical and emotional state, so you need to make regular breaks. It's very simple - install the gadget on your computer or hourly reminder and as soon as you hear a beep, pause the job. Stand up, take a deep breath, knead muscles - repeat every hour gym and excellent state of health and vitality throughout the working day are guaranteed.

5. Throughout Bring a small bag of nuts , or any other an easy, protein-rich food. This will help prevent hunger pangs when you are ready, they say, "stay one's stomach" the first available Snack, not paying attention to the number of calories contained in it. Supplementing the diet with foods high in protein, you will improve your metabolism and muscle growth posposobstvuete.

How to improve the mental sostoyanie

1. When communicating, try to ask open-ended questions interlocutor , requiring detailed answers, rather than monosyllabic "yes" or "no." Begin question replica with phrases like: "What do you think about ...?", "How would you ...?" Or, for example, "What is your experience with ...?". Such questions help to improve the efficiency of communication, make the conversation more meaningful and open many ways for its development. Carefully listening to the interlocutors, you are sure to learn a lot of useful information to the same, so you can make new friends.

2. If you like to be creative , keep all the accessories for this hand. You should not squeeze out painful desire to devote hours such as painting - just hold the pencil or paint as soon as you feel inspired. Even better is constantly experimenting with artistic means - week draw with crayons, watercolor another week, should be devoted to wood carving, and then start to learn clay modeling, and so on.

3. Every day, find time , to sit for a few minutes in silence, doing nothing. It is not meditation - not necessarily take the lotus position and closed his eyes, trying to listen to the sound of the chakras or subtle grasp of Zen. Just sit quietly in a comfortable position, measured breathing and letting thoughts run their course.

4. At the end of the day write down their thoughts and impressions - this is the easiest way to relieve the brain of the mass of information received. Regularly make such records is much easier than to keep a daily or make detailed lists of what you need to do. Let the record be chaotic, not having a specific structure and format - do not try to show off literary talent, time and time again by editing each phrase, just fix the stream of consciousness. According to some studies, this practice helps to cope with anxiety and reduces the risk of depression. Alternatively, you can record your monologues on tape.

5. Come up with something like a simple, catchy mantra and repeat it to yourself in moments of stress and emotional strain. The phrase should reassure and remind you about the important things. Often, in stressful situations, our brain does not help us, and stirs, jumping from one to another and causing to panic. "Spell" will help organize thoughts and focus on solving problems. Here are the most common examples of such "mantras": "All this will take place," "I'm stronger than I think," "Sometimes worse," "I'm not alone" - choose which you like, or compose something original.

How to improve the performance of truda

1. Find a role model in the field of professional activity. During the hard work on a difficult task, an important business meeting or after the promotion, require you to rethink their professional skills to ask yourself - would have behaved like on your site is this man? Would he give up and become hysterical? Or would a model of calm and confidence? Then imagine how, in your opinion, is likely what you did. Comparison of two behaviors will help you get rid of the situation of uncertainty and insecurity.

2. Before you leave the workplace , spend five minutes making a list of tasks that you had to decide within one working day. Note what is done and what is not and what circumstances prevented you to realize our plans. Do not blame yourself for the mistakes, try to dispassionately understand what caused the errors. Pay attention to how much you have done, focus on the positive. Identify factors affecting the productive work, you will be able to avoid them in the future.

3. Turn off notification a variety of computer programs and services to communicate, move away gadgets. Try to keep every day for at least a few hours of nothing to distract you from your work. To switch from one task to another brain have to spend time and energy. Constantly distracted by messages such as e-mail, or social networks (including - on the totally useless spam), you can save up to 40% of the time - reading of advertisements offering "to increase something in just five sessions" and chatter with friends about the weather is better to do in his spare time.

4. On the invitation and offers a variety of friends and acquaintances time one way or another answer: "I'll see your schedule and think" - do not just accept or refuse. If you go to say "no", there is a risk at all to stay with the times without friends, if we agree on everything, you can just physically and emotionally overwhelm yourself. Calmly evaluate each option pastime, weigh the "pros" and "cons", refer to the schedule already planned activities and only then give an answer.

5. At least five minutes a day thinking about dedicate steps , which will help you in the implementation of career plans - this is one of the right kinds of positive visualization. Visualize the end result is usually totally useless in achieving it, and imagining the action you should take (and, of course, implementing them in life), you are more likely to achieve its stated goals.

How to improve relations with blizkimi

1. Every day contact at least one family member or friend. In our time, to be in touch has never been easier, but often we only communicate regularly with colleagues or few "Friend" of social networks. Do not wait for calls and messages from relatives, take the initiative to call or write yourself. It takes only a few minutes a day and after a while you notice that your social circle has expanded considerably.

2. Once a week, write thank-you letters to those who, as you see, has had a positive influence on you. Suppose you have never kept tight friendship with this person, or he has long ceased to be a part of your life, if you have something to say "thank you" will certainly use it. Raising the ability to be thankful and grateful, you get rid of unnecessary fears and worries and thus fill their own and other people's lives with positive emotions.

3. The final day, expressing gratitude or encouragement its second half. Do not hesitate to once again remind your lover or beloved, that you appreciate and love him (or her) - this simple habit can change your relationship for the better. You do not need complicated and long sentences, by saying "I am happy that we are together," or "Thank you for what you are." If you are currently with no one to meet, thank and encourage yourself, even if the day was not too good. Sounds silly? Perhaps, but encouraging yourself, you will keep from slipping into depression because of some minor trouble.

4. When speaking before the other party to respond, much less to argue it , paused for a moment to think about what he said, and his reaction. Teach yourself to listen carefully, do not begin to reflect on their arguments until the man has said. So you show your respect and makes it clear that his opinion is for you - not an empty phrase. Due to the pause you have the opportunity to weigh all the possible consequences of their responses and choose the appropriate phrase. If the communication takes place in a raised voice, just hold off for five seconds, you can resist the relentless taunts that would spoil relations with someone forever.

5. Give yourself a break from humanity
How to benefit the environment and obschestvu

1. From time to time to rotate through neighborhoods your home with trash bags and collect garbage. This ritual will enhance your environmental consciousness and can have a striking effect on the occupants of your home. It is likely that after seeing your care, the rest will more attentive to the sanitary condition of landings and adjacent to the entrance area. His example show everyone that you care about the status of even the nearest to you the environment is important and necessary. Do you want to change the world - start with their own yard.

2. Behave's friendly with the neighbors. Instead of fleeting smile or nod, share with them a couple of friendly phrases, or at least greet. Try to create a home atmosphere, if not friendship, at least benevolence. For example, when meeting with the neighbors on the road to pensioners cope shop for their health, ask whether it is necessary and they buy something. Most likely, they will respond to the care of sincere gratitude and certainly repay you good - for example, agree to help with the housework or look after a child when you will need to leave urgently for.

3. Before buying any expensive household appliances or gadgets try to borrow a similar thing someone from friends, of course, if there is such possibility. Probably popolzovavshis couple of weeks, for example, fancy coffee machine, you will discover that the coffee brewed in Turku, much tastier. Thus you will save money and put off his share of responsibility for some mindless consumption of trendy trinkets, the production of which in the atmosphere of our planet gets a lot of harmful substances. If you realize that such a thing you still absolutely necessary, take a look at supported instances - the good, now it can be done through the Internet, without pushing the clock at flea markets.

4. Set aside the money to charity. Let it be a small amount - the main thing to do it regularly. If each paycheck you translate a hundred rubles for charity accounts, it is unlikely to become poor, and if it can convince your friends and relatives to do the same, the total amount of money directed to the treatment of seriously ill children and help poor families can grow up impressive size. Remember - we are all members of one big human family.

5. If you still do not have a bike, buy and try not to clean it away. In the morning, grabbing the car keys, looks at two-wheeled vehicles. Of course, not necessarily every day to ride only on the bike, but if it will keep your eyes callous desire to ride will appear more and more often. Cycling will not only save on gasoline and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but also enhance your health.

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