As the first kiss and the other stages of the relationship affect your marriage

A critical step can be any otnosheniy

Although supporters of traditional values ​​argue that cohabitation before marriage - a bad idea for today's couples, it is becoming the norm. However, before the pair will lift the overall apartment, a good idea to ask yourself, we decided to live together, because I really want this, or simply because "it's time"? In a report (.pdf), recently published by the University of Virginia, considered a number of factors, for which can determine the quality of marriage. The most important finding was associated with how couples go through various stages of living together, and how these stages or transitions show how serious steel otnosheniya.Pervoe date - this is one step. First Kiss - another step. In the past, they had the procedure is quite simple: it all began with a courtship, then marriage, cohabitation, sex and, of course, deti.Eta rigid sequence meant that young people were much less freedom, and most couples exactly repeated the whole scenario. For example, men are not just offered to women to marry: the ritual included a ceremonious visit to the bride's house, claiming of the blessing of the parents, engagement, and so on. D.Seychas rituals and sequences can be anything. 9 out of 10 couples having sex before marriage, half of women cohabiting before marriage, 4 out of 10 babies are born before their parents pozhenyatsya.Svoboda develop a relationship somehow has its advantages, but it can be costly in the long run. It seems that today's couples are married for less than thoughtful. The data show that half of the "ceremony", such as familiarity with the parents before young people have decided to move out, simply skipped. And more couples come to pay less for an apartment or to quickly get away from parental supervision. Agree, this motivation for living together has little to do with "together for life, in sorrow and in joy" .Pochemu so? The researchers suggest that the supporters of a conservative approach to marriage, often just a very prudent and thoughtful people. For them, the "solution" means a careful consideration of what they want from their partner, what will be their sex life, living together, approach to education detey.Krome addition, couples can jointly make informed decisions vital to have more experience of cooperation, and thus better able to cope with life's adversities. This is one of the most important skills that help build a happy brak.Glavnaya the problem of so-called "civil marriage" in inertia: people begin life together just like that, without a concerted suspended plans; together they buy furniture, get used to the regime of cohabitation, bisect the bills and rent. And after some time, the question "Is not it time for us to get married" somehow disappear by itself, and a couple for years and even decades remain uncertain, "limbo" condition can not, for example, to improve their living conditions, or fear to have children, because formal marriage - and the impetus for many a reason to settle down. All this is not helped by the strengthening of family life. "My advice to you - do not marry too early!" From the immortal classics zoschinskoy remains valid. Give yourself a chance to go through all the major stages of relationships: marriage - is more serious than it seems in my youth, and it requires decisions and work, and does not appear by itself.



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