Offended? Then print this text approaches the mirror and read aloud with expression!

"I'm such a big turkey, I can not afford to have someone to act according to its nature, if I do not like. I'm such a big turkey that if someone said or did not as I expected - I will chasten him with his offense. Oh, let him see how important it is - my resentment, let him receive it as a punishment for his "misconduct." After all, I'm very, very important turkey! I do not value my life. So I do not value my life that I do not feel sorry for wasting its valuable time on offense. I give up the moments of joy, moments of happiness, moments of playfulness, I'd give this a minute of his offense. And I do not care that these frequent moments add up to hours, hours - in the days, the days - in the weeks and weeks - in months and months - years. I do not mind to spend years of his life in the grievance - because I do not appreciate their lives. I do not know how to look at ourselves. I am very vulnerable. I'm so vulnerable that I have to protect their territory and to respond to insult anyone who touched it. I'm going to hang myself on the forehead the sign "Beware of Dog" and just let someone try not to notice it! I am so poor, I could not find a drop of generosity - to forgive, a drop of self-irony - to laugh, a drop of generosity - not to notice a drop of wisdom - not to cling to, a drop of love - to accept. After all, I'm very, very important turkey! "


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