You will not believe, but it's not Photoshop - This Yekaterinburg Road ...

On the night of May 20 outside Novosibirsk 2nd road workers struck markup directly to a thick layer of clay, which is smeared with asphalt. According to one of the drivers, this happens in this place every year.

"Every year make this place, but then there is still a hump grows, pay taxes where they go - is unclear," - said Vyacheslav driver.

"What is the marking? I think there will soon grow a tree. I believe that the officials have to ride on this stretch of road after 9 May promised to repair, it never did, "- said Yulia driver.

On the site of the street to the side of the road markings did not do at all, apparently, a technique which it is applied are not able to drive through the pits that were formed there.

With the arrival of spring Yekaterinburg drivers began to complain of broken roads, for example, on the streets of Novosibirsk drivers are forced to drive around the pits on the sidewalks or "oncoming", fearing threats to break up the machines entire suspension.

In the city administration explained that until mid-May patching here will not do, but completely shift the way this year.


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