20 of the most interesting ways to take a child. These original ideas amaze even adults!

Well, when the day turned out to be a fine, and the child can walk on the street, perfectly entertaining himself plays in the open air. And what to do when the rain or cold?
Here are some great ideas for exciting collaborative activities. With their help, you can take the baby for a long time, while developing his imagination and creative thinking. Just have fun with all the heart!

1. Fan turns into a rainbow
Let children paint the fan in different colors. When the blades are dry, turn the "rainbow." This is the thing!

2. Plasticine is edible
Make it easy. Here's what you need for such a miracle-of plasticine:

half a cup of softened unsalted butter 1 tablespoon heavy cream a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and you can do without it 3- 4 cups powdered sugar food coloring, if any

3. Pets winged swing
Hang swing - literally means a very long time to forget about the existence of the child. Alternatively, you can make a swing, a hammock made of thick fabric, the idea for dads craftsmen. This hammock can withstand with ease and adult.

4. Dough glows in the dark

Necessary ingredients for a magic glowing mass:

UV lamp vitamin B complex flour water oil cream of tartar (can be found in the spice shop) salt

5. Snow falls in the summer
To get real snow, enough to mix the cornstarch with shaving foam. So that! The kid will be delighted.

6. Muzzles of small veshchichek pleasing to the eye
The little things - buttons, beads, cogs - excellent material for the game. You can upload different funny faces and more - mosaic. This activity is great develops fine motor skills of hands and mind of the child.

7. Unusual ink drawing
Hair gel, food dye, glitter and confetti - that the component parts of these wonderful colors. With them, you can create real masterpieces.

8. Chocolate dishes from Willy Wonka
Melt chocolate and enjoy it inflated balloons. When the chocolate is dry, just gently bursting balls.

9. Cardboard maze with their hands
Cut the cardboard and glue it between the wall itself. Cut out with a sharp knife arches - that, in fact, everything. The maze for the little traveler ready.

10. Original car track
All children love to play machines, it is a fact. You can do this on their own track, road and garages drawing on a large sheet of cardboard. Excellent analogue of the purchased store-bought mats for toy cars.

11. The solar system at a glance
Round fanerka, newspapers, toilet paper, glue and paint exist in any home. From newspapers and paper balls to do, then - and the paint to dry them. Fanerku cut dark paint, it is located on the planet. Just space!

12. Castle from scrap materials
A bit of cardboard, cut the old boxes, cardboard from paper towels - and the castle ready.

13. Christmas theme
Solid balls can be painted with acrylic paints. Be careful: a keen child can paint these colors everything.

14. Fascinating cloud of soap
The microwave usual soap turns into a cloud of soap. The Fairly OddParents reality!

15. World opened under water
To begin engrave black paper silhouettes of various sea creatures and plants. The cut paper watercolor "sea" colors, the sheet should be well hydrated. And now - the secret passage. Give your child a pipette with alcohol, let kapnet alcohol in several places on the paper. Alcohol dissolves the paint, which means that on paper will glowing circles. Glue on a water background silhouettes. Gorgeous work on the marine theme ready!

16. Autumn leaves are drawings
If you insert a sheet of paper between the sheets of paper on top of shading and soft pencils or crayons, you get a beautiful ornamental pattern.

17. Hopscotch can be at home
Golf on the floor just to do with electrical tape.

18. Imprints of hands and feet - artwork
A little imagination - and you can transform ordinary prints of palms and feet even in a composition rich images. Fantasizes health!

19. Unique mysterious umbrella
Outside, a black umbrella, but inside ... Draw print space on umbrella - not madness, and craving for beauty in small things. Cultivate it in the child since childhood.

20. Star Wars dream and reality
Arrange Star Wars home quite real. Swords can create from balloons illuminated LED flashlight, and the handle will serve as a roll of toilet paper. It is only necessary to decide who will portray Darth Vader.

Let these ideas inspire you to an unforgettable fun with your child! Share this interesting article with all who may be interested in it.

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