15 magical places for a romantic holiday with your partner. We collect the suitcases!

Of course, the most important thing is not where to go, and with whom. For people who love each other, rest together - it's a fairy tale, no matter where they are doing it. However, the place also has its value. What in the world is unusual, picturesque corners, looking at the photos which you want to instantly collect things. An unforgettable journey along one of the most beautiful places on the planet - the ultimate dream! .cc you wish tailwind, because acquainted with this article, you will certainly sozreesh for a romantic trip.

Hotel Dedon Island Resort, Philippines
Ocean, jungle, straw bed, hammock ... Rest in such circumstances would be very soothing. Cuddle with a loved one, listening to the sound of the waves and breathing in the salty air - unbelievable.

seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland
From a heart-stopping beauty. Sunset, woven into the waterfall resembles a wave scattering of colored gemstones. No worries, I want to look at it forever.

Hotel UFOgel, Nussdorf, Austria
Huge windows with spectacular views of the mountains - the main pride of this hotel. Built in the style of minimalism, he has to spend a lot of time. Lie down and enjoy the unique view - that it is, happiness.

Beach Dream Beach, Hong Island, Thailand
Beach Dreams - beautiful area. Vertical rock on the edge of the beach makes it incredibly comfortable. And what about clean! Ideal.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Wonderful plants, rolling hills, fresh air. And nothing will distract you from each other.

Hotel Katikies, Santorini, Greece
This hotel is located on the white rock, all blindingly white as the bride's wedding dress. From sun to hide together in a secluded cave with a pool.

432 Park Avenue, New York
Ability to watch New York from a height of 400 meters! Stunning views, you'll feel hovering in the air and time lovers.

Hotel Lion Sands, South Africa
The best place for solitude. Among the Jungle is a luxury hotel! Then met an elephant or a lion - a common occurrence, even to animals can be seen from the window. This option is for those who like the unusual, exciting holiday.

Terme di Saturnia, Italy
The hot springs are located in the historic spa town of Saturnia, and delight visitors cushy little water all year round. Around the source is the countryside where you can relax in the tradition of pastoral images.

Mobile houseboat
The villa on the water, which can go where you can think of! Just a few movements - and you're swimming in the ocean or sea, with his second half. Hour therapy with water, one near where surprisingly relaxing.

Vaad Island, Maldives
Besides the usual beach beauties of the hot sun and the sea, there is something special. When coming to the beaches of the darkness, lights up the phytoplankton. This gentle blue glow decorate a romantic walk, will take you to the magical imaginary world.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland
This needle is made of glass - that looks like this hotel. It just seems fragile, this amazing design retains heat well and can withstand severe frosts. Through the transparent walls, you can see the northern lights! Fantastic!

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
The world's largest mirror surface. Just imagine, to see the stars under his feet! Kissing between earth and sky, walking on the dry lake ... This is with what can not be compared.

Beach Hidden Beach, Mexico
The beach, which arose because of the educational bombings in the early 1900s. To get there is not so simple - it is necessary to swim the 15-meter tunnel, but that he is valuable. Dissolve in a loved one can be in this secluded place fully, nothing will stop.

Cesana Torinese, Italy
Ski resort high in the Alps. Mountain peaks are so beautiful and the skiing can come off immediately in full. Winter evening in a place created for love.

Go along to one of these great places - is the automatic injection of passion. Be sure to show your loved one this article. Pofantaziruet together, no matter where you go, because your dreams can become a reality.

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