Smart tips to improve thinking. Learn to think like a genius.

Improve your thought process - is quite real. If you feel that recently became hardly think, no new ideas, important questions still can not meet their brothers solutions - just need to change something! To begin with, the revision of its way of life. To better I think we should not overeat and do sports feasible - if only to walk the stairs. Also read these sensible tips below - if you follow them, your creativity and ability to think logically will increase significantly!

1. Take into account their emotional state
Of course, first of all it concerns women, because they are subject to frequent changes of mood. Remember: our consciousness - only a small part of what is going on in our head. At any time the brain processes a tremendous speed huge amount of information - everything so fast we can not be aware of. Based on its findings, the brain generates emotions. Do not ignore this subtle hint - your personal supercomputer wants you to say something.
When emotions overflow and you can not cope with them, for the time switch to another task easier. Reassured, come back to the complex issue.

2. Do not think, under pressure of circumstances
In the moments when you have to do only action, it makes no sense to analyze their methods. "The plane took off - late check stocks of fuel." Once, having spent time learning the skill (it always takes time), you have to trust in the future its automatism and perform actions quickly and efficiently. Do not pull the rubber, when this is not necessary! Trust yourself and your skills.

3. Consider alternatives
This method is often used poker players when suspect that your partner is bluffing. Let us assume for themselves the idea that "partner is not bluffing", then the brain will filter all sensitive features (speech, facial expressions) that are in conflict with this fact taken you for granted. So your opinion about a particular issue will be the most objective.

4. Are questioning their habits
If you love good wine - there is no relationship between its price and how much they like you personally. Same with perfume, movies, books ... Find out what you want and get more enjoyment out of life. Happy man thinks is best.

5. Enjoy water procedures
Studies show that part of the solution comes with a long walk, or in the process of taking a shower. The best ideas come at the peak activity of the right hemisphere of the brain, and the mind is most effectively work with this hemisphere when it stress-free. Relaxing to qualitatively think!

6. Skeptical of his memories
Scientists have shown that the human memory is remarkably dishonest. The very fact that memories of the event change information about this event in our brain - changing details and descriptions. The more you think, the less reliable are these events as a basis for decision-making. It is unlikely that you should hold your child's birthday based on the memories of what you most liked about 7 years.

7. Do not count on a perfect figure and supermyshlenie simultaneously
It was found that the area of ​​the brain responsible for the will and thinking, quickly depleted. A simple experiment showed that people who were asked to remember a seven-digit number, and then offered to eat - between salad and chocolate cake cake chosen. And the one who was asked to remember only one number, without hesitation chose the salad. In the first group of "brain strain" was exhausted. Remember, you can do everything, but not all at once! Take care of your resources.

8. Work on the bugs
One common feature of successful people is their desire to focus on his blunders. Even when they do well, they insist that they could do better. This is certainly not a recipe of happiness, but it is a vital process of learning so brain cells figuring out how to do it right. Error analysis - the path to development.

9. Walk and dream!
Scientists have discovered that the dream - the most important component of creativity: they cause the peak of activity in the brain network which connects its parts and form new connections. The dreamer in reality, does a great job. Please do not forget to dream and move - is a guarantee that your brain will work on Pyaterochka.

10. Think about thinking
It is proved that the main key to the correct solution is not the intellect and experience, and determination to find the answer. The brain is like a Swiss Army knife, is full of all sorts of instruments. Think about which of these tools are best suited to solve the problem now, and you just see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These logical advice you are able to back up forces for the success of the thinking process. Each one of us - a very complex system, believe me, no one knows you better than you know yourself. Stimulation of creative or rational thought everyone going their own way. Find an individual approach to your brain, to create in your life the most comfortable conditions for its smooth operation. It is very easy, the main thing - love yourself, to accept themselves and their own characteristics, including characteristics of the brain. I, for example, it is best to think in a good mood, so before the decision of the important problems is always something raduyu yourself, tune in to a positive. But a friend of mine gives a completely insane and amazing ideas just when very strongly about something going through ...

Let your mind will always be supported by clear and good deeds! Tell everyone about this article about the stimulation of the brain - it's important for every reasonable person.

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