How to raise a child who is capable of love? This secret will help you to grow a happy man.

In everyday life we ​​often forget how important it is to remind your loved ones that are dear to us. When the last time you spoke words of love dear man - sincere and do not require any answers? Everyone wants to feel loved and needed, and adults and children. But for children, this feeling is not just desirable, it is necessary. To harmonious development of the child it was so out of it grew up happy, confident person must fulfill one condition. This is - unconditional love.

child in need of love, like a plant - in constant watering. Everything begins in childhood, and this period could be the beginning of origin of psychological problems. No one wants to have a future in adult daughter or son who is not independent, unhappy, always looking for their place in life and can not be open, loving people. So why do parents forget to show your love for children? Because education - is not constant barrage flick and moralistic. When raising a child, it is important to show by example how and what to do. At the same time - like a child, not just love, but do not forget to show this love. It is not difficult - to show their feelings. You can do it in different ways.

Tell me about love sincerely:

I love you. I love you, even when you spoil. I love you, even when you're angry. I love you, even when I'm mad at you. I love you, even when you're far away from me. My love is always with you. Thank you. I really like to play with you. I always remember about you. You are my dearest person. Let us recall how love appears:

Tell us the story of the birth of the baby. Check with the child of his baby pictures and tell him stories about his infancy. Tell us why your child got this name. < / Tell us about yourself as a child - so pleases children and helps them feel more confident. Tell us about what you can be difficult and sad - gone with the child secret, and it will to share with you their experiences. Think of a secret code, for example, if you lightly sozhmesh child's hand three times, this will be the phrase "I love you" in your language. Make baby bracelet and tell me that every time he did notice, he must remember how much you love him and how important it is for you. Do not forget to listen to:

Look, that tells you a child in the car. Hear about his favorite toys of the cartoons and books. Listen to the questions and answer them. li > Listen carefully and patiently, in any situation. Listen, and do not forget to hear, think, what feelings and emotions hidden behind the usual childish words. Ask the questions:

Why did it happen, what do you think? What happens if there is? How to find what interests us? What are you you reflect? What are you most pleased with today? Lead the:

Try not to prohibit, and learn how to do it. Show me how to cook simple and not very dishes. How to fold clothes. How to take care of themselves. to show his love for his wife - this is very important, is the key to a happy family life of your child.

spend time unforgettably:

Look at the construction site, along with the child. Look at the birds in the park, listen to their singing. Walk together. watch like a child playing - children are so happy at such moments. Feed with the child of a homeless cat or dog. Invite another child to visit you, and build the children full of entertainment and tasty food day. Give joy:

Make cleaning a child's room, sort out the toys, put a surprise under the pillow. Put the chocolate in crepes, in porridge. Draw food in an unusual, bizarre form . Welcome emits:

Look at the child's gentle and kind look. a smiling child. hugs back. Help the child cope with anger, resentment, sadness.
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