Ready corn in just 3 minutes! This guy opened a very simple secret ...

Maize - a very useful product that can replace a full meal. It is possible to weld it in conventional manner. But why spend extra time and energy, if there is an alternative? Try to cook corn in just 3 minutes, how did this guy on video. All that is needed - just turn on the microwave. See how to make a delicious dish is extremely fast! I think now I'll cook corn just so ...

Resourceful guy tired of waiting, when the corn is cooked and came up with something better. Corn in the skin is prepared in the microwave a few minutes, it does not compare with the times the normal cooking this cereal. No need to wait for the water to boil, do not have to spend time cleaning the pan. Simply place the corn on a plate in the microwave, and in 3 minutes it will be ready. Kernels are very lush and baked in this manner because the corn is stored intact. Amazing results!

Show your friends this fast and very convenient way to prepare corn, is a pleasant discovery will delight everyone!

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