7 habits that prevent you from being happy. Is it time to get rid of them?

Habits have a strong influence on us, and are even able to regulate our lives. Driving habits, we can improve our lives and achieve their goals faster. We suggest you learn about the seven habits that steal your happiness. Get rid of them, and you feel like your life will sparkle with bright colors.

1. Striving for excellence
It is commendable that you aspire to the highest standards in all areas of life. But the perfectionist is very difficult to achieve happiness. There are always people who are still in something better. For example, a house they smart, beautiful wife, prestigious profession, muscular body and so on. Such a person feels happiness is extremely rare. And it lasts for as long as he sees that someone has done something even better. Perfectionism can lead to stress, provoking insomnia and heart disease, and even premature death.

2. Communication with disgruntled people
We are all in society, and we need to communicate with different people. Those with whom we communicate, have to have a fairly large impact. You can not be happy if we constantly around someone complains and whines that life is unfair thing. For pessimists such thoughts are the predominant concern and absolutely all spheres of life. Avoid these interlocutors. If you are very prone to such thoughts, then you will have to work hard on yourself.

3. Constant thoughts about the past and future
Live here and now! Constantly thinking about the future or the past, we lose our present. We often get hung up on something negative, and much less likely to remember the good moments. We cut themselves, especially before going to sleep, why we do something wrong done. Let go of all the old resentments and failures. If something does not work just analyze the situation, to draw conclusions and go forward.

4. Compare yourself with others
The constant comparison of herself with someone - a terrible habit. You always compare yourself to others and believed that you are the best in the business. But will someone who will surpass you, and it will cause you a big blow. The secret of success is to be better tomorrow, today itself. Assessing the results of the work, just compare yourself with.

Also, never tell your children: «But Vanya five math» em>. This can cause complexes in the child, who is also capable of, but something else.

5. Focusing on the negative
Often you can hear in the queues of people who get their news from TV and radio, a lot of negativity. All the talk about the fact that around always something to steal, kill someone or fired from their jobs, and all the young people became immoral. Such news will not bring you happiness, believe me. Try to focus more on pleasing.

6. The dependence on the opinions of others
Admit that, before taking something important, you start thinking about environmental assessment. You may feel that you will be condemned. So here's a tip: if you want to do something new, then do it without telling anyone who can accept your idea is bad.

«Do not do what you advise others - just listen to them, and do as you think right, even if it goes against everything that you advise», em> - em> wrote Warren Buffett.

7. Complicating life
Life - this is an interesting, but not an easy thing. Most of us complicate it ourselves. Do not create obstacles not invent his own problems.

When you get rid of at least half of these habits, your life will be much easier and shorter road to happiness.

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