16 inventions that will make the lives of parents easier. Believe me, you'll love it!

What difficulties fraught life of a parent can be in all as clear only when you yourself will be the offspring. But our joy with you the progress does not stand still, and every day there are new inventions, designed to simplify all the difficult and unpleasant to do everything as pleasant as possible.

The 16 inventions appreciate those who have small children. With them, your life will change dramatically. Find out about all sorts of useful, masters of their own or purchase on the internet, together with .cc!

1. This closes the teat when it dropped. It is very hygienic.

2. Bag for a child with a hood and a pocket for hands - the perfect way to stay warm on a cold day.

3. A convenient way to swaddle a baby.

4. So the child can discreetly slip the drug.

5. Such a separator allows not gain full bath and tuck in her other containers.

6. This nipple can be chewed all the teeth at the same time.

7. Pacifier Thermometer - A simple way to measure the temperature of the baby.

8. Special baby shower.

9. Hang up a mailbox in your baby's room and send him letters and small gifts.

10. During long trips in the car, this tray for games and food - is simply irreplaceable.

11. Buggy, which is transformed into a bike for mothers.

12. The liquid can be poured into the food here are drinkers. Very clean and comfortable.

13. Pretty seat for swimming.

14. On the plane my mother and the child will feel great because of this hammock.

15. The baby calmed down and thought about his behavior, not necessarily to put it in a corner. Especially when there is a special chair for the punishment, which itself counts stay on it.

16. This function cradle can be attached to a chair or bed.

You probably already want yourself at least half of the things on this list! Many of them are on sale on the Internet, and the rest is easy to do yourself. Plug imagination and you will more ideas on how you can make life easier for parents. Share your ideas with us and other readers in the comments!

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