Come to throw a bottle of wine! You will be fascinated by the things that you can do one ...

Why, instead of throwing away old bottles and corks from wine, not to make them neat and elegant interior details? These glass products are much more functional than you think. Bottles of wine can be transformed in a very practical things, and in the simple interior decoration. .cc has prepared for you 17 extraordinary ideas that tell you how you can use the empty bottles.

1. Mini-garden on the windowsill

2. Chandeliers

3. The original container for soap

4. Key charms of wine corks

5. Frame for photos with rhinestones

6. torch that perfectly illuminate the space at night

7. The wind chime

8. Creative interior detail

9. bird feeders

10. Another part of the interior with the effect Ombre

11. Candlesticks

12. Decoration of the bottom of the bottle

13. Vase decorative elements

14. Another vase with different design

15. Unusual lamp

16. A container for gift

17. Handmade candles

These things look just fine! If they can create things out of the ordinary, then why throw glass bottles? Try to do something like that, and tell your friends about these ideas!

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