10 amazing online resources that will help you improve memory and logic.

The brain - a stunning organ of our body, due to which the person is a reasonable creature. To stay that way, you need to constantly train the body so that it can last up to a ripe old age, and never failed. To do this, there are lots of different exercises, puzzles, and even games. .cc has prepared for you a selection of 10 online resources where you can find a good exercise for the brain.

This site has a lot of puzzle games that will help you stretch your brain.

Here you can find just one exercise - the task of N-back. It will help you improve memory and speed of thinking.

There is a concentration on the task, sorting, switching, groups and lists of words, arithmetic, missing numbers, counting characters, finding ways and others.

This resource will offer you first take a test to determine the quality of your thinking and memory. Then, the site itself will give you the training program.

This resource can develop memory, gain skills in remembering numbers, words and texts, to develop attention and creative thinking by performing simple tasks.

On this website you can check your memory and go online training focus, concentration, reaction and other brain functions with the help of programs and games.

A site with games that train the memory, speed, flexibility of thinking, computational skills.

Another resource with logic games, puzzles, exercises for the development of memory and puzzles to develop mindfulness.

This site will help you to determine the age of your brain.

This is a site about the possibilities of the human brain and the development of intelligence. Also here there are lots of tips to improve memory, thinking and attention.

If you have a free minute, come to one of these resources and bleed a little bit your brain instead of watching TV, which only grows dull brain.

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