The works of this artist's inspiration. Awesome things made from old keys and coins!

Artist from faraway Australia pseudonym Moerkey, creating beautiful things from old coins and keys: lampshades, souvenir bottles and wine glasses, lamps and other interesting things.

«Once, raking trash in his barn, I came across an old scrap of copper pipe, em> - says Michael. - I sliced ​​it into the ring and started to make them decorative hemisphere, which could be used for interior decoration. The first of them came quite rude and unsympathetic, but then I developed my technique and began to make it more artfully ». Em>

His creations Michael proves that any of the things you can create real masterpieces, you only love what you are doing and fully given his hobby!

As it turned out, keys and coins are converted into very beautiful decorative elements of the interior, which can fit in almost any design. Our editorial staff hopes that the work of the Australian artist inspired you to create your own masterpiece!

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