How to Be a Millionaire: 17 rules for achieving success.

To swim, to pick up an oar and row a little. At a minimum, you need to know how to row, and in which direction to move. In other words, simply "do something" or "somewhere in the work" is not enough! Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Listen to our advice and make a step on the path to wealth today!

1. Employment - from the word slave! The more you work, the less you live. To change their attitudes to work!

2. The old saying goes: «If you want to have the money, bring to market some value» em>. And here is how you manage to paint the benefits of the product depends on the desire of people to voluntarily part with their money, and in your favor! Learn to speak beautifully and convincingly!

3. Do only what you really interesting. Remember: even the good company you always profit from, otherwise you would be there just was not working.

4. Think about how to make a minimum of $ 10 000 per month. More - can be less - it is impossible! The law of attraction wealth reads: «Money has always come through other people» em>. So, it becomes sociable and more talk! Unsociable and beeches rarely become rich.

5. The poor environment will always pull you into poverty and even misery. And if you still poor as a church mouse, remember: in your environment simply do not like, they do not respect or even hate the rich. Urgently change their environment!

6. As strange as it may sound, there is poverty in the evasion of responsibility.

7. If you have a little money, it is necessary to do business. If there is no money at all, it is necessary to do business right now! Any ideas? Teach them the world, but for the most successful solutions to prepare a business plan and offered to investors.

8. Remember: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the path to great wealth - through passive income! Create income that will come to you without any effort on your part. Take the first step on the road to wealth!

9. Learn how to dispose of the funds so that income exceeds expenses.

10. Read and study the biography and thought of the richest people in the world. Inspired and Grow Rich!

11. Find a few minutes and honestly answer the following questions: «Who am I?", "What is my uniqueness?", "What is the meaning of my life?", "What would I (ies) involved, if at I had as much money as I wish? » em>. Honestly answering these questions, you are sending strength, energy, passion and awareness of the meaning of his own life in the cosmos. Sounds ridiculous? The power of thought has not been canceled!

12. Dream and believe that dreams come true! When a person stops dreaming, he dies ...

13. increasingly helping people from the heart. But only those who really want to help. And let it not be relatives or even friends, every day, try to do at least one good deed.

14. As often as possible compliment! You can not? Just Praise the seller in the shop for beautiful hair, fitness trainer - for the sports figure, a neighbor - for new shoes. A compliment to the other person raises your self-esteem and also.

15. A good practice would be to keep a diary of your victories. It turns out that the defeat and resentment people remember 10 times longer than a victory and success. The fallen spirit? Re-read the diary of victories.

16. In any enemy to be fought. As poverty - is also the enemy of man, it is to fight to the end, without mercy to the enemy and to yourself!

17. One last tip. Never, never, never give up!

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