Turn an ordinary mirror in a bright accent your interior. Inspiring ideas!

Reflected in the mirror is much nicer when it is clean. And when even framed mirror looks stylish and original, it would be desirable to look in 2 times more often! A striking accent your interior may be even the most ordinary mirror, the main - to decorate it tastefully. Passing the shops with designer furnishings, involuntarily pay attention to the way the manage now decorate the mirror: rhinestones, metal parts ... many brilliant ideas that are proposed below relate to a more traditional decor. But they are attracted by its simplicity! With this mirror will be more comfortable room, whether living room, bathroom or kitchen. Admire and do!

1. From the egg tray is easy to make the roses, daffodils and even cyclamen! Cut from the top of the cardboard cone, the shape of the chosen flower engrave. Razukras cardboard acrylics, let them dry. Glue the middle of a flower. Plant flowers on glue, make a frame for the mirror. It looks quite romantic ... If you wish, you can sprinkle the flowers paint, creating the illusion of a glossy surface.


I can not believe what you can create from the cardboard tray of eggs!


2. Shells - a field for experimentation. They can not just stick there is a more reliable idea - use a polymer plastic to create a solid framework. Apply plastic on the edges of the mirror, lost in his shell. Beads also advantageous to look at the composition ...


Another Example of the mirror shells.


3. The branches of a tree covered with varnish or paint - a fabulous setting for a mirror in ecological style.


4. pebbles and shells can be laid out in intricate mosaic. Mirror this unusual shape fits easily into any style interior and becomes the center of the composition.


5. Mirror for dining should be like this! Flawlessly.


The hands can be changed beyond recognition mirror ... Any thing in your house will be filled with new life and mood, if the owner applies to it their imagination. Inspired and encouraged his friends: designer fashion create a unique atmosphere. Become a designer of their homes, with our ideas so simple!

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