How to make a cool styling with an ordinary T-shirt: it sounds absurd, but it works!

Women always spend a lot of time on the creation of the hairstyles in the morning, because I always want to be on top. In order for you to always look excellent and without spending a lot of time and effort, has prepared for you a small life hacking, with which you can get the perfect hairstyle, practically doing nothing with her hair.

The girl in this video is called Donat and it will show you how you can make a cool hairstyle for each day using a conventional T-shirts and a few of hair. All that it does - puts on wet hair shirt and go to bed in the morning, getting great curls.

Make this myself!

This method will help you quickly get ready for work, and you're not puzzle over what to do on your head, even if you are very much in a hurry. Try this method on themselves and tell about it to her friends!

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