Feed your baby right! 4 mistakes that parents make.

The main desire of many grandmothers - to feed the baby at any cost. Yes, and my mother also like to fatten their child. But often it happens when the baby is hungry ... did not therefore come up with a variety of adult cunning. If the child is healthy, cheerful, well-gaining weight, then this article you should definitely check out. Learn about the 4 major mistakes in feeding, which can lead to serious consequences if they are not eradicated.

1. Feed at any cost
For children from one year and over a meal is not the first place. During this period, the child seeks to explore the world around us, and not to satisfy the hunger. In addition, in this period, children become pereborchivy food. Then the adults trying to cheat a little toddler. They shoved him various gadgets while eating, reading fairy tales, show presentation using puppets, intimidate or different characters running around him with a plate and spoon over the house. The baby fed, but also disrupted food culture and suffers health. If you are constantly distracted, the body is not adjusted to the baby's meal. The child does not feel completely the taste, and this complicates the digestion and assimilation of food. If the child is fed continuously so, that in the future it may entail various problems with the digestive system.

Needed for proper digestion appetite, then the body will be ready for eating. If the baby is healthy and active, but do not want to eat, then it is just not hungry. When his body requires, then he will say about this. But if he refuses food and looks ill, then you should seek medical advice. Instead zakarmlivat it.

2. Up to the last crumb
Parents often require that the child ate everything he put it. However, they are guided by the stories of mothers Viti garden or their own assumptions about how much a child should eat. But this is only violates the appetite of the baby. This may cause the rejection of food, as well as disrupt the child's ability to feel the needs of the body. Thus the baby may receive the habit of overeating. It starts there, not because he was hungry, and for fun. If a child is constantly leaving food on the plate, you may want to give him a smaller portion. Finding the middle ground, you can gradually increase the amount of food.

3. Variety of food
Often the child does not eat porridge, but for both cheeks eats pasta. And then every day requires only one cook pasta. That is why so busy moms puzzle itself even more and offer a few dishes to choose from. Thus they only spoil the child more. Should not be doing that. If the toddler does not want to eat what he was handed, so he is still hungry enough. Just wait until he wants to.

4. Food culture at a party
Most adults at home do not pay attention to how the child behaves during meals, do not teach it to the culture of behavior at the table. But when they come to visit with your child, begin to scold him for behavior that the house is considered quite normal. The child does not understand what you can do and what is not ... If you want your child to behave well at the table, first of all teach and give him the right example at home.

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