4, genetic factors of poverty. Why are some people - the rich, and others - the poor?

Many minds are trying to discover the origins of wealth and poverty. And in accordance with their representation about these concepts, we recommend different ways to achieve the first and the second care. Business coach and popular lecturer Natalia Grace, in his book "The Laws of Grace" also tried to answer the eternal questions. She believes that there is a Law of Genetic poverty in which lies the real cause of human poverty. We offer to your attention the four causes of poverty in which the unmistakable reality of our lives.

1. Mentality

As a child, we often jump on the couch at home classmate until it was adult. We are very pleased the spring, sometimes very close approach to the surface; She enthralled the dust that was flying clubs of a sofa from our jumps. When twenty years later I went to visit her childhood friend, the horror I saw in the corner is the same couch where we jumped, as a schoolgirl.

As far as I can remember, he has not changed much, but now I am struck by poverty and wretchedness of the situation. I mentally calculate how much could be worth buying a new sofa, replacing greasy stools, mirrors, broken and gummed chocolate wrapper. As we talked, I imagined white ceiling and change wallpaper. I wanted to wash the windows, obsizhennye flies, throw sticks and cardboard, sticking out from under the couch, broken flower pot, tied with a stocking. "And what if the bad with money?" - I thought ... But the brain resisted and offered me to buy at least an inexpensive adhesive film in the color of wood and covered with her desk. Wherever I looked, my eyes ran across some damage, dirt, stains and debris.

The brain suddenly said to me: "Do you think why near poverty has always dirty?" Now I'll ask the same question.

Even if you replace the word "always" to "almost always" or "often", the easier this becomes. Mud - a manifestation of a lack of money is not, and mentality. Think about it: the dirt - it is a manifestation of the corresponding mentality. And as the dirt and poverty - neighbors, and poverty - a kind of mentality.

Poverty is in a dirty mind.

2. Philistinism

At school I had a fantastic teacher of literature - Tamara G., extraordinary mind, a very shrewd woman. She once dropped a phrase that I remember for a lifetime. Someone asked her what it means to the petty bourgeoisie, and she replied: "Narrow-mindedness is to drink from an old shabby clubs when the new is in the sideboard." So it is accepted in many Russian houses: a rainy day money set aside for a new cup of white day in the sideboard is only white day occurs rarely, and black filled the whole of life.

Who lives waiting for the future, for it never comes. And then I realized it: shame to be poor, ashamed to be dirty. It's a shame to have in mind the devastation that inevitably reflected in the housing, and to the mentality of children.

The life expectation of the future leads to ruin.

3. Cinderella Complex

I know one woman who is more than twenty years had been saving money to buy a country house. She alone has two daughters. The girls lived from hand to mouth, on some cereals, and the eldest of them told me how she was ashamed to go out in the yard in old corduroy trousers with patched knees. The girl grew up, and every year it grew magically pants. Centimeter by centimeter unfolded cloth tucked bottom. It was not as faded as the rest of the leg, and it has issued a miserable tricks. Apparently, hence the expression went, "Necessity is the mother of invention».

It is not necessary to tell that the system does not allow the state to earn enough. I do not scold system and rot the brain. For the same money you can look decent, or beggars. When his mother finally bought the cottage, two grown daughters did not have to testify this is not the slightest interest, but endlessly reproached mother that she did not teach them what it means to be a woman. In the girls formed a Cinderella complex. They are accustomed to see the shabby old chairs and utensils, towels and mangy coat seven years ago, later, as adults, afraid to spend the money.

Whenever they buy something, they have a bad mood they like to feel unworthy of good new things. That, my friends, is called the two words: genetic poverty. It has in mind, in the cells in blood, bone.

Fear to spend money on yourself makes you poor.

4. Subconscious programming

Children who see shabby corners unconsciously programmed to poverty. Even in adolescence, they begin to realize the severity of it. More Anton Chekhov noted that the shabby walls and dirty corridors bad influence on the student's ability to learn.

Dirt and poverty inhibit a person familiar look squalid environment programs to be a loser. You could argue me that hatred of poverty encourages some people to grow and make money, but I'll tell you that much more people breaks down under the burden of poverty. Do the words "trouble" and "poverty" one root. Throw yourself away from trouble. Throw away poverty. How do I like the phrase: "Wealth - a state of mind." So, poverty - is also a state of mind.

The Wealth and Poverty - a state of your mind and your thoughts.

Russian psychologist and writer Natalia Grace has helped many people to get up and succeed in life. Should I listen to her opinion - you decide. Share with your friends this article, who knows, maybe they recognize themselves in one of these stories and will be able to change their thinking in the opposite direction?

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