How to get better in 2015

10 articles you pomosch.My in the Website try to draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including from steep psychological articles. During the year, we are looking to create them, so that everyone can find something new for yourself or myself.

In this final review, we gathered 10 of the most striking motivational material of the year. Each of these articles was struck and thrilled us and caused a lot of feedback from our readers. Even if you have not missed any of them, for sure you will want to read more.

15 things you never

Introverts do not say I love introverts. I go hug them all. em>

Writer and introvert Maryann Reid believes that the world has a very extroverted distorted view of "a people". So she made a list of 15 items of introverts who would be nice to all of us to remember.

4 genetic causes of poverty History, which will change your idea of ​​poverty. em>

Where are the roots of poverty? What is the probability that it lies within ourselves? Business coach and popular lecturer Natalia Grace in one of his books try to answer these questions. She is convinced that there is a Law of Genetic Poverty - the reason why the people themselves are programmed themselves to poverty. It turns out that it affects all four factors.

How to kill a customer:

human experience with money Current article from a man who accomplished so much and realized something. em>

Graham Hill was living lavishly, but after a while realized that in fact things are just taken up his life and time.

Often the passion for consumerism develops a person in times of financial distress. But the situation is straightened, there is prosperity, and you can already buy everything. But whether it will add happiness? The experience of people who are not limited to finance, says "no».

7 mistakes education that prevent

children succeed Print - on the wall. em>

An expert on leadership, best-selling author of psychological Tim Elmore during his research revealed common mistakes parents who have children in pre-programmed uncertainty and limit their chances to become successful in their careers and personal lives.

You do not owe anything to anybody 15 things that we do not have to report and justify. Never. em>

Many of our solutions raise questions and comments from others. Family members, friends and even strangers somehow always have an opinion about how we should behave, how to look, with whom to communicate and how to build relationships.

Sometimes these people go so far as to demand that we explain our personal life choices. The popular psychologist and blogger David Willey says that you absolutely do not have to answer when you ask about the 15 things.

What are crying 25-year-old It seems to us now explain why many of us feel miserable. Em>

Meet Lucy is. Lucy - representative of the generation Y: people born in the late 70's - early 90-ies. Now they are 20-30 years old, they have graduated from high schools and are now working. In general, they are fine. But they are somehow not very happy, why?

10 things I learned

happy relationship The revelation of a woman who learned life. em>

"I had a serious relationship before I met my fiance, some of them lasted more than a year. I thought that was an adult; I thought that I can be an excellent partner. Now I realized that it was all wrong. True love is different from casual relationships - even if they last for years. Happy attitude of many teach. And what I learned ».

13 signs that you have wasted my life And do not even notice it. em>

Carol Morgan, a practicing psychologist and teacher, asked his readers two questions: who they wanted to be a child and whether they fulfilled a dream? For those who answered negatively to the last, she identified 13 signs that life is passing.

37 lessons for 37 years «Just know that in the most difficult times of the universe fills the back and everything will be all right». em>

Noting the next birthday, psychologist Don Gluskin wondered what they had taught her those years.

"Today is my thirty-seventh birthday. I must say that all these years have been quite interesting. Looking back on the lived stages of my life, I now realize, all my successes and failures, triumphs and heartache have made me today ».

30 things you need to stop

to make a Let's start a new life in the new year. em>

As Mary Robinson said, "no one can go back in time to change it, but anyone can start over, to create a new finale." Nothing is more true. But first you need to stop doing something that can stop you.

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