20 thoughts that you do not need in 2015

We do not notice how painful and unpleasant emotions carry within us every day. It is not necessary it is a modern idea, this is often the feeling of sitting somewhere in the depths, where it is not visible, but it is very painful. If you think each of us has something that scratches his heart inside.

We are in the Website looked into himself and collected 20 most useless, oppressive and heavy thoughts and habits that can no regrets throw from the life of the head and in the new year. And now, when he has come, check: you got rid of at least part of them.

Regret - one day you'll realize that this was what you really wanted to do at the moment. The habit to compare and think that others are more happy, successful and generally better than you. You are where you should be right now, and your journey can develop the way you want it. thoughts that keep you feel strong and enthusiastic Guilt for what you really wanted to do. Fear of the unknown - road appears under the steps coming. Baggage last and thought that it affects your future. If you wait for the right time to move on and start a new chapter of his life - it is now. Now - it's time. Anxiety - it's like to pray that your fears come true. Blank charges - if you do not like something, there are always two options: accept it or change it. A sense of futility - you need in this world, otherwise you would not be. And it must be that way, you are. thoughts, your dreams are not important - follow your heart, it knows what you need. The concessions in all and for all - do not waste yourself in vain if there is no real need. You - it's worth, do not neglect them. The habit of seeing only two ways - the right and the wrong. The world is diverse in its colors, contrast and enjoy the richness of the probability of life. The thought that you are not where they should be. You are in the path to where you find yourself, and you can at any time turn to the right place. It is important to exactly where you want to come - ask yourself this. Negative with respect to former spouses and friends. We all deserve happiness and love, and that the relationship has ended does not mean that they necessarily were a mistake. Need to do more than you need. At the moment, you do everything in your power, and that is enough. The idea that all you need to know. The life - a road, and we learn a little bit every day, every step. It is impossible to know everything in advance and be prepared for anything that might happen. constant worry about money - try to clearly plan your budget to pay as soon as possible to all. When there is a plan, it becomes easier to breathe. attempts to save or change the people. Everyone has their own path, and if, instead of boards, each one of us to focus on the work at yourself, all things will get better more quickly. Need to please everybody - your uniqueness, your personality distinguishes you from the crowd. Personality is valuable in itself, you do not have to like everything, and all you do not have to love. self-criticism. you - it's not your body shape, not numbers, and centimeters. It is really important that you have something in your heart and in your head, you need the world, precisely because you are - personality. Love yourself!

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