How to calculate the ideal weight for height: a very useful table. Do not thinner!

Hooked on losing weight, people often forget about such factors at the same weight people can look quite different. Because the height, build, thickness of subcutaneous fat at all different. And also different physical form. To know the ideal weight for your height, you must make some calculations: there are several ways. Thanks to them, you can calculate the ideal weight for yourself as a professional dietitian! Remember that if you have already achieved a perfect indicator on the scales, but something you do not like figure, then it is not necessary to lose weight. It is better to work out and use it to adjust their problem areas. Count what's what!

1. Quetelet index
The body mass index of Quetelet determines the degree of obesity, if any, and the associated health risks. The formula by which you want to make the calculation is very simple! < Divide body weight in the growth rate in the square. need to translate growth into meters. For example, your growth - 1, 68 m; weight - 58 kg; Age - 28 years. BMI: 58: 2, 82 = 20, 55. As can be seen from the table with the results, the rate is normal, there is no health risk. Norm index for men - 19-25. Women - 19-24.

2. How to determine the rate of distribution of fat on the body
To find the answer to this troubling question, stripped to the waist volume of the buttocks. Norm index for men - 0, 85. For women - 0, 65-0, 85.

3. How to determine your body type
Solovyov Index will help you to know your body type. To define it, you need to measure the circumference of the finest places on the wrist.

4. How to define the perfect girth ratio
John McCallum girth ratio calculated based on the measurement of the wrist circumference. Of course, these figures are not at all - it is the averaged values.

6, 5 wrap wrist equal to the circumference of the chest; 85% of chest circumference equal to the circumference of the hips; waistline is 70% of the chest circumference; 53% of the chest circumference equal to the circumference of the thigh; girth of the neck is equal to 37% of the chest circumference; circumference biceps - it is 36% of the chest circumference; < shin circumference slightly less than 34% of the chest circumference; upper arm circumference should be equal to 29% of the circumference of the chest. 5. As weight is associated with age
With age, the body's metabolism slows down, because the weight is increased. It is a gradual natural process. You may consider these extra couple of kilos, but in fact they are in the right place! To find out whether you have a normal weight according to age and height, it is possible in this way. Use the formula: weight = 50 ± 0, 75 (P - 150) + (B - 20): 4, where P - growth, and in - age in years.

is considered an ideal figure, if waist circumference of 25 cm less than the circumference of the hips, and hip girth approximately equal to the circumference of the chest. Waist should be equal to the growth in centimeters minus 100. But all these calculations only confirm the extent to which we are different. Each all individually, even ideal performance weight! With the help of this useful article you will be able to calculate and measure everything for himself. First of all, you should be pleasant and comfortable to live in a healthy and strong body. So do not worry if some of the calculations showed abnormalities - if they are small, nothing to worry about. Instead experiences better to go for a run!

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