How to develop a sense of gratitude at your child: 7 Essential Tips!

In today's world it becomes quite difficult to educate children really grateful, simply because the child is very difficult to explain why he does not have what others have. Will the presence of a new smartphone or other gadget of your child better? No. But thanks for all that he has, and even the possibility, offered his life was capable of it. 7 produced good tips to help you raise a child a sense of gratitude.

1. Try to do without luxuries at least a week
When we satisfy the slightest whim of the child, he begins to believe that there is a right to everything from simple chocolate bars to the latest gadget. To develop in your child a sense of gratitude, try the whole family to give up luxury for a week. Turn off the TV and air conditioning. This can create discomfort, but it's a great way to show your family, you need to appreciate what you have.

2. Take volunteering
Once a month, be engaged with their child volunteering. Let him play with the elderly in a nursing home or board games will help you to clean the park. The options can be mass, but the result will change your life and the life of your child!

3. Teach your child to benefit from all
If long tube displays your child out of himself, and the rain on the weekend it seems to end of the world, you should teach it to benefit from any setbacks that life slips. For example, if you need to work on the weekends, explain to your child that because of this you will earn more money and next weekend will be able to take him to a movie or amusement park. If you are caught in the rain for a walk, I say to the child, that now will not have to wash the car.

4. «What if?» em>
One of the best ways to teach your child thanks - show him that some people have much less than he did. Asked him: «What if you had no place to sleep? What if you had to stand in line for a meal? What if you were ill and could not afford to visit a doctor? » Em> These questions will help him to understand that he should be happy with what he has.

5. Say thanks
If you want to teach your child to be grateful, do it yourself. Thank everyone you meet during the day, whether it is the seller in the store, doorman or waiter. So you show to the child that can lift the mood of a person for the whole day, just to say thank you.

6. Make gratitude a daily ritual
Studies show that people are grateful - very happy. Therefore, before a family dinner let each say a few words, for which he was grateful to life, your family and friends.

7. Change your perspective
Forget the phrase «I have to ...» em>. Replace it by setting «I am happy ...» em>. For example: «I am happy to withdraw their children from school» em> or «I am happy to watch my son play football» em>. This simple setup will help you get out of life's little pleasures every day and teach their children to do this.

The main thing - remember that the child always takes the example of you, and only when you yourself learn to be grateful for everything that you have, your child will do the same.

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