How to make your home more comfortable: 9 creative ideas that you want to bring to life!

Optional spend a lot of money to make your home unique. By adding a little bit of imagination and just a little by applying effort, you can create quite extraordinary things from ordinary trinkets. made for you a selection of 9 tips on how to decorate the house and make it more comfortable. Things made with their own hands, to add flavor to the interior!

1. For too long wire from electrical appliances do not interfere with, to make him the outlines of a city or a different pattern.

2. Unique planters for flowers in rustic style of the usual clothespins

3. Lacy shade of my grandmother napkins

4. Repainted cup

5. Homemade mat natural sea stones

6. You can hide all chargers in a decorative gift box.

7. Make a handy organizer for flatware.

8. The original frame for family photos

9. Unusual frame with pieces of cardboard

These crafts not only decorate your home. Their creation also will entertain you and your children. Try to do something similar for your home!

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