Raise a child need his example! A valuable reminder for parents.

The golden rule of education - a case in point. A child is born pure, without blemish, without bad habits and whims. Toddler can be compared with the stick - what information zapishesh, so it will be! Grow a child in a positive atmosphere, teach to enjoy life and to meet any difficulties without fear. Teach by example! Look at your parents - what do you think, how much you like each other? Children absorb what surrounds them, and inevitably become a repetition of those who brought them up. Education - a great responsibility, because the need to constantly monitor themselves, to show their best qualities. After all, the child will be the way it will make the environment ... That's memo, which I would like to share with all parents!

I subscribe to every word! Be sure to save the memo itself. It is an important reminder of the atmosphere in which it is best to raise a child!

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