No, this is no ordinary farmer. It is the poorest president in the world!

Meet is Jose Mujica. No, this is not the average farmer or a simple old man. The man known as "the poorest president" in the world. This is the president of Uruguay. As someone who really cares about his people, he does not get exorbitant amount of money, he's just doing his job and his country's right. Jose Mujica donates about 90% of the size of his salary in the $ 12,000 to charity, helping the poor and small entrepreneurs.

Jose always dressed very simply. He does not care about the money and how it looks, it just governs their country. B>

He literally spent my whole life in the fight for their country.

Jose Mujica in his time was a partisan and fought for the rights of fellow citizens. The future president was imprisoned twice and 6 times was shot after trying to escape. B>

Mujica refused to enter the presidential palace. He decided to make this house a museum. B>

Instead, he lives here on the farm, together with his beloved wife.

Jose Mujica from time to time even engaged in farming. He and his wife grow and sell flowers. President goes to the Volkswagen Beetle in 1987. B>

It has only two guards, including a three-legged dog favorite Manuel.

Instead of acting as if he is better than all the others, the president of Uruguay truly believes that it is the same as everyone else.

At that time, when it seems that only a policy of oligarchs rule the world, the story of Jose really inspiring. Share this article with others.

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