Russian has struck British, decorating Mercedes million Swarovski crystals! With fat frantic ...

With her simple and unsightly Mercedes? Student from Russia, who is studying in the UK, decided to draw attention to the strict British decorate your car even more not cheap not cheap Swarovski crystals. To dot gems entire machine as a whole, it took a million crystals! All it cost her as much - $ 30 000.

It literally dazzling Mercedes-Benz was first spotted in the parking lot near the hotel in Knightsbridge - the territory of a respectable apartment complex in the heart of London.

Darya Radionova already posted a photo of your precious Mercedes at Instagram.

Car girl entirely covered with Swarovski crystals - from pens and right up to the rear-view mirrors. Instead of the usual license plate on the car emblazoned inscription «Baii Byy». B>

Not only does this type of vehicle makes passers-day turn around, he does not give them rest and night: the car turns into a real disco ball impressive size and thus attracts more attention of others.

«Wherever I was not, people stop to look at my baby. I'm even afraid of drivers who, staring at my Mercedes-Benz, did not follow the movement and do not even notice what is happening on the road », i> - says Daria.

According Radionova, it is planning to sell his beloved car and spend the proceeds to charity.

21-year-old Daria lives and studies in London. It is in a fairly young age, he is the founder of several fashion brands of clothing. B>

Needless to say, nice to live not forbid ... Show this shocking and glamorous Mercedes-Benz friends.


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